Terms & Conditions of Use

Usage of the site and responsibilities:

  1. You must be a medical professional to use this site (physician, nurse practitioner, respiratory therapist, occupational therapist, etc.).
  2. Your account may go through a verification process to provide the community with further evidence of your background.
  3. You agree to represent yourself honestly and post information that is truthful to the best of your knowledge.
  4. You agree to NOT post anything that would identify an individual patient, and in turn you are solely responsible for any violation of privacy rights that are the result of information you provided.
  5. You agree to be professional: be productive, courteous, nice, and encourage a culture of inquiry and discovery. Do not berate or belittle people or their posts.
  6. The information exchanged on this site is in the vein of “theoretical discussions about medical science and practice”. No one should assume it to be direct medical advice, formal consultations, or the practice of medicine. In turn, MedCurbside and its users are NOT responsible for ANY outcomes resulting from information taken from this site: You, the practitioner, are responsible.
    • As an example, if an errant post suggests bolusing agitated, unmonitored inpatients with 500mg of propofol to ease their agitation and even cites evidence for it, it’s up to you to decide if that’s the right decision (it’s not, by the way).

Handling of site content:

  1. Users with enough reputation points and moderators may edit/change your post.
  2. All content posted by users is licensed under a Creative Commons license. The general idea is to create a rich source of openly-accessible and reusable data. Details of the license and how to reuse/attribute can be found at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/.

Our goal is to create a robust service that drives forward the progress of medicine and creates exceptional experiences for our users. We can’t think of every situation that may arise, but we are dedicated to learning as we go. If you have issues or concerns or happy thoughts to send our way, please contact us at support@medcurbside.com.

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