Is one fitness device better than another for weight loss?

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I have some motivated patients who are trying to lose weight. They've asked for advice. I gave them some usual diet and exercise advice but one person in particular asked if one health tracking device is better than another… ie Fitbit, under armour, smart watches, etc.

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This recent study actually suggests that those devices may not provide any benefit. In fact it may be detrimental but they don't explicitly draw that conclusion. They report that the group with the technology used BodyMedia FIT Core as its technology. [Effect of Wearable Technology Combined With a Lifestyle Intervention on Long-term Weight Loss: The IDEA Randomized Clinical Trial.]

However, this study studied several groups via intention to treat analysis and reported statistically significant increases in weight loss in the groups that used a technology component (BodyMedia Fit). [The comparison of a technology-based system and an in-person behavioral weight loss intervention.]

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