Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our users very seriously. When you register on our site we collect your name and email address. Your name is the only thing we put in your public profile. Your email address is stored internally and privately just so we can contact you about your account and any notifications you opt into. We will never, under any circumstances, sell your contact information.

We believe in transparency. You see what we’re about by using our site. You’ll see what users post, what’s in your profile, and how we use the data on the site.

We collect data like most other sites on the internet. This includes non-personally identifying info like the types of browsers and countries visitors are coming from so we can continually improve our service.

When you post, please treat it like an elevator conversation in the hospital: do not include anything that could identify a specific patient. We will monitor regularly for violations of this privacy and remove those violations. Just like in the elevator, you are responsible if your posts lead to the violation of a patient’s privacy. You cannot blame MedCurbside any more than you can blame the elevator.

If you have issues or concerns or happy thoughts to send our way, please contact us at

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